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Integrity and honesty is valued above all else. We maintain complete transparency throughout the process and assist with value-based decisions during the design and build phase.  We believe working with a client should be collaborative, enjoyable, and based on complete trust, building a lifetime relationship.

Modern Kitchen

Customize the functionality and appeal of  your kitchen with a quality remodel.
Custom Modern Stairs
Custom Modern Bathroom
Custom Remodel  

Lets get ready to design your space so we can make it well-crafted and beautiful to suit your needs.

Needing extra space? We can help to see if this is a viable option to add to your home.
House Front copy_edited.jpg
New Construction

What better way to get everything you desire in a new home than starting from the
ground up.
Choosing Colors

Create  a relaxing getaway with the practical day to day needs in a needed space. 
Image by Sonnie Hiles
If you're thinking of making a space for a Mother-In-Law apartment for extra income
or visiting family and friends, we got
you covered.

How does Basecamp help manage custom construction projects?

Everything we do to manage a construction project happens in Basecamp. You will be able to coordinate, communicate, and organize everything within your project. It will literally put everything about your project in one place and can all be explained in this video here.
What is a Time and Material Contract?
We start by getting to know what the client values most- Design, Budget, Quality, or Return in investment, and then assist in giving every resource you need to help make your final product everything you are hoping for. To understand full details, click here to learn more.
 Ready to Start?

You are all ready to go with blueprints and permits in hand and are searching for the best company to build your project. We can do that and would love to get to know you and your project better. Let's set up a meeting to take that next step.

Field Management/ Office Management 
How to get started...
Effortlessly manage your Design & Build process with our Digital Journal. You will need to use a few different tools to get through Management of this very complex process. We will give this Digital Journal to manage all of the tools and resources in one spot.     

Send me your Email and I will send you a Journal







Step 2         Document all the codes of your house...
Getting Started on your Permit Notes  
(See Ex. 3)

Use the Notes we have gathered to begin the research. This is very Complicated (Hire an Architect). We can gather all the Zoning Rules/ Maps, Permit Information/ Portals, and take note about the information we gather about your property and keep it there for future reference.

Subcontractor bid worksheet              
After you figure out what Subs and you need you can label them on that sheet then track the status. Highlight the cell Yellow when you choose your Sub and move on. If it is not Yellow, you know what you need to do.                

Key player Information tracker                 
Every person that touches your project you can document on that page    

The Money Tracker                    
This is a live document that keep track of money as it goes out, next to the actual money paid so you can make your decisions based on the real budget.                             

BBNW Superintendent Book Notes                    
Get access to Mike Gayman's journal that he has gathered over the years building his construction company. His hopes sharing this information is he has seen Homeowners and Carpenters lose a lot of money not knowing where to start or how to do their research let alone organize the information when they do find it.  


Your Subcontractor Notebook     Example Below                        

Change Everything- Use our notes as a template to help kickstart your journal. Access all your information though the Digital Journal during Design, Build, Future Maintenace, Warranty, etc.               

Resource Page

The ultimate solution for organizing your contacts and favorite brands in every subject with links to their website.

Electrical What's Needed Page

Document the best price to buy every item and never buy the wrong product twice. 
                         We have this for every major category, and it saves a lot of time and money.                



Step By Step

Document in each category notes of things you need to know to make things go smooth. Find what's right for your build by doing your research and documenting what you learn here.                



Information Page

Document everything else

The Laminated Book                    

Unleash our productivity with our customizable lists for each category for the team in the field. Access the notes in each category as you manage the project with this book on the jobsite to give quick access to the team building the project.


Web capture_30-8-2023_20263_docs_edited.
Web capture_30-8-2023_15932__edited_edit
Web capture_30-8-2023_183952_docs_edited
Mike's Homeowners Notes - Google Sheets
Mike_s Permit Notes - Google Sheets_edit
Mike_s Permit Notes - Google Sheets-003_
Electrical - Google Sheets_edited_edited
Actuals Tracker - Google Sheets_edited_e

Purchase Order Sheet

(See Ex. 2)


Use the sheets to keep track of your Design thoughts, and when you're ready, get to work filling it out or hire a designer to bring your vision to life.         


  • Start by adding what rooms you want on each floor  

  • List all the Items you want in each room    

  • Use this sheet as notes to document what you do know for now.          

  • Work on filling it out or hire a designer 


Step 1            Start filling out a few Blank Sheets...


Project Instructions & Details Sheet

(See Ex. 1)

       It's a single page with all the details that you can approve before sending out bids to all the subcontractors and suppliers. It's also a one-stop-shop for anything related to your project, making communication seamless between Designers, Contractors, Suppliers, and Homeowners.


When job is done leave it with the house for future maintenance or Remodels

First         Start by adding anything you have-   

  • Files that are helpful- Blueprint, Civil Prints, Engineering etc.                      

  • The Purchase Order Sheet                      

  • What subjects will be going on during Construction?                       

  • A link to any before pictures that would be helpful.  


  • List all the details in each category you know for now.               


  • Do some research, when you come up with your final decision put it here         


  • When you have everything close have a contractor look at it and help get finalized to use as Exhibit A in the contract


  • Once Contract is signed it goes to every person on the project. Subs, Vendors, Employees                   


  • Make all changes in Red once the contract is signed for clarity              




Web capture_30-8-2023_192611_docs_edited
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