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Mike Gayman, Owner / General Manager
Mike is known for his passion in all things related to building. He has been in the construction industry for over 20 years, starting in his early teens working for his family business. In his earlier years, Mike was a part of production framing and siding crews, this is where he fine-tuned his ability to be efficient and productive. In his twenties before starting BBNW Mike was a lead for high end residential home construction, this is where he honed-in his craftsmanship abilities and developed a love for building and creating. Mike is now Owner of BBNW.  He lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife and two boys. 
Eric Hess / Architect

Eric originally started in Portland in 2001, which offered a wide range of architectural services, including remodels, additions to new houses and commercial projects. With inspired NW rooted design, and a warm modern focus, he provides unique and thoughtful solutions for his clients.

Eric believes that every project and client’s vision is unique and therefore creative solutions are essential to achieve success. Listening to our clients and collaborate with them. We strive to avoid stylistic responses but instead concentrate in combining elements of the site, house and client’s vision to come up with a refreshing, optimal design. In particular, we focus in maximizing light and space is critical for design in the Pacific Northwest. Also, we believe in integrating as much as possible, subject to the client’s needs, passive and active solar design and the use of green materials.

With this awareness of environmental considerations, Eric emphasizes in design the “Not So Big House” philosophy so well promoted by Ms. Sarah Susanka. Promoting smaller but more richly designed and detailed houses and buildings that are much more responsive to our client’s specific and individual needs.

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Pete Scharbach, Project Manager
Pete prides himself in being a communication and coordination specialist and is known for giving a five-star service. His years of experience in the construction industry helps make clients, trade partners, and the team, respect what he adds to the table. He is a problem-solver and a valued member of Better Built Northwest.
Elizabeth Gayman, Office Admin
Elizabeth left her career in woman's health after fourteen years to join her brother in the construction industry to make it a family business. Her experience in office administration and coordinating schedules helps things run more efficient. Since her only daughter has joined the Army, Elizabeth is excited about her journey in Better Built Northwest and the opportunities it will bring. Our company would not be where it is today without her.
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