Time & Materials

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Our goal for the projects we build is to work as a team with the owner and designers. We strive to get the work completed in a timely manner while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and quality, so we believe the Cost Plus –T&M contract method is the best way to achieve this. We start by getting to know what the client values most, Design, Budget, Quality, or Return in investment, and then assist in giving every resource you need to help make your final product everything you are hoping for.
Project Cost
We work with the homeowner to develop a scope of work and then a line-by-line budget based on this scope, plans and specifications. This budget is a magnitude of the project’s expected cost, and the only amount paid is the actual amount work that is performed.
Tracking Cost
We assign a job # for every project we are contracted to build. Either the job # or last name is put on every material receipt and invoice for BBNW to keep track of project expenses.
Labor Hours (Billable hours)
We track all time with which it takes to finish the contracted project including material runs, labor, dump runs, and all end of the project touch-ups until the completion of the project. We add up the hours then add them to the box.com billing system giving the homeowner a copy twice a month of work performed, invoices, and receipts to date.
If you choose not to use a designer or architect, we will bill the hours it takes to get their work done.
Final clean (we recommend professional housecleaners in homes)
Subcontractors can sometimes hold up the schedule and try to cut corners. In order to maintain quality control on our custom projects, our team is there to do whatever it takes to not let the subcontractors compromise the project. It is standard, in moderation, for our team to have billable hours to accomplish this.
Project Management
The project manager is to work with the homeowner on executing their vision and to help track budget.
The project manager will give his contact information and take all design questions and concerns throughout the project from subcontractors and homeowners. 
The project manager will keep up with communication and specifications for the duration of the project in CoConstruct.
The project manager will inform the subcontractors and homeowner of any changes in the timeline and will strive to finish the project as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Markup on Labor, Material, Rental Equipment & Subcontractors-15%  (including material purchases by homeowner related to the work we are there to perform). We hold ourselves accountable and will take up to 3% off the mark up if we are over budget and the changes don’t justify it, keeping in mind changing things cost a lot of coordination and billable hours before we even start the work.
BBNW Equipment
We have acquired equipment that is helpful in building projects and use it to build projects in a timely and safe manor. We do charge for the use of this equipment, but at a lower rate in which a rental company would charge. These fees help maintain our equipment and are limited to Pump Jacks and Dump Trailer.
BBNW Labor
ProjectManagement/Coordination–This is an hourly charge; this management time is covered under our Lead Carpenter and is there to help in coordinating subcontractors, timeline, and help in making value-based decisions during project.They will act as main communication during the project and will be there for all major decisions and concerns throughout the project.
BBNW In House Design
We are not professional designers but have access to suppliers and quality design options to refer to. Design is important,and we recommend hiring a Designer to ensure highest quality outcome of your project.
BBNW in House Labor
Leads-$75/man hour
Carpenters -$75/man hour
Labors -$65/man hour
Design-$95/man hour
Permitting-95/man hour
We hire subcontractors for specialty scopes to ensure the best overall product is produced. We generally self-perform all carpentry scopes, but on large carpentry scopes we may opt to hire a subcontractor.
BBNW has final say in what subcontractors are used on our projects. This ensures full control of quality and timeline.
We do our best to keep good relationships with multiple subcontractors in every category to help schedules keep on track and prices competitive. When we need to get bids from other companies, we try our best to choose quality options in a world of over-extended salesmen.
No matter how good the job is lined out, subcontractors may delay the project, especially when they are small companies and cost less. However, it is recommended that we hire more experienced larger companies this way the project meets its deadline (which often can cost more so keep in mind if on a tight budget).
BBNW has developed good and efficient working relationships with local vendors. We have seen the good and the bad and we hope to have strong influence in final say on what vendors should and should not be used.
We have developed a list of vendors in most categories to help along the way.
Initial Billing: We have an initial billing for a percentage based on the overall projected project cost.
Progress Billing: We send progress billings during construction based on the project’s budget. All expenses and employee hours are scanned and emailed twice a month to show 100% transparency of up to date charges.
Final Billing: We send final billing based on the actual cost minus the progress and initial billings.
We make every effort to start and complete projects with no delays. We do not take on more projects than we can handle at one time. Our goal is to start and complete projects in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and quality.
Delay in a project from material or subcontractors are unavoidable and common in construction. We minimize this by doing our research, being organized, and keeping high quality relationships with our subcontractors and vendors.