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 Ready to start designing your dream home?
Look no further, our Digital Journal makes designing your home a breeze.

         We understand that staying organized is critical to the success of your construction projects. That's why we   offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to managing everything in one spot. Our sheets will help you stay on budget, schedule your tasks, and keep track of all the materials and labor involved. Plus, one of our main features ensures your work stays organized and accessible to future Owners, Remodels or just Maintenace.

Construction professionals don’t need to rely on scattered notes or disorganized documents anymore. Let's keep a Digital Journal to stay organized together.
Mike's Homeowners Notes - Google Sheets

            Included In This Digital Journal

The page is there to organize every resource during your construction projects.

Collect everything during the project then leave it with the house for future maintenance.

We give multiple templates and examples of systems a construction company uses today that you can edit.

Links to Google Sheets/ Docs to help document every product you use in your house.

The Work Sheets are set up to create live documents to share with the homeowners and then the subs so there is 100% transparency on the bids.

A sheet to document every person you talk to in every category.

A spot to keep a journal of everything you learn during design phase

You get access to my Construction Journal that I will never stop adding to

The Money Tracker

Permits- You get my notes and a spot to start making your notes.

Permits- Links to teach you where to start.

There is a digital version of these checklist so you can document the best place to buy everything.

This Book can be given to the professional in the field so he has everything he would ever need.

Better Built Northwest LLC shares their Contractor Discounts

House Maintenance Store Names of: Landscapers, Pressure Washers, Cleaners etc.

There are notes on the roles of a project manager that will give structure for that position.

Purchase Order Sheet
We have easy-to-use sheets to help
you organize your projects.​
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Contractors Instructions & Details

 Our Detail Page is a must-have for any construction project. It is a comprehensive document that will be approved by the homeowner before it is sent out to Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers. Our Detail Page includes all the important details, so you can get accurate and efficient quotes from contractors and accurately plan the project. 

Resource Page

   Our Resource Page is the ultimate solution for organizing your contacts in every subject. With hyperlinks to your favorite brands, you can easily access the best resources for your learning needs. Get organized and take control of your education with our comprehensive Resource Page. 

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Laminated 9 Page Book

Unleash your productivity with our customizable lists for each category.

Effortlessly organize your Construction Projects and let the team in the field access the information through the QR Codes

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